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My GF Pantry & Flour Mix

My gluten free baking pantry is quite simple:

I use just two of these flours to make my gluten free pizza and sandwich rolls.

While there are many, many, many other gluten free flour options out there, I find that you can sink a lot of money into buying lots of little bags of various flours to make one little recipe.

I'm about multipurpose and simplicity. 

I like to keep a stocked pantry, therefore, the less variety I need to purchase, the easier it is to keep larger quantities and use them in timely manners. I don't end up with bags of flours I used maybe once or twice sitting in my pantry forever for way too long.

I've been tweaking and playing around with this Gluten Free Flour Mix for a while and I'm quite happy with the results in everything from cookies to baking.

My Gluten Free Flour Mix:

I've used Guar Gum with equally successful results but I find it is much more expensive. An 8 oz bag of XG can be purchased from Bob's Red Mill for around $11-12 versus a small few ounce jar of GM for the same price.

Do not interchange potato flour and potato starch, these are two totally different 'flours' and the results will not be desirable. If anything, you can substitute potato starch for the tapioca flour/starch. 

In addition, I frequently use Gluten Free Rolled Oats, which I grind in my food processor or blender to a flour, in recipes that call for small measurements of flour, such as 1/2 to 1 cup.

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