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About Me

My name is christine. I'm not fond of nicknames.

But i am fond of coffee.

I'm an artist, freelance graphic designer, and fitness instructor living in pennsylvania.

I hate having my picture taken, but i like taking pictures.

My husband is super laid back, which is good, because i'm hyper and random. all the time.

Our daughter is the cutest jelly bean ever. ok... we're biased.

I grew up with chickens and a huge garden where we put up as much as possible for the winter.

Living in the woods makes gardening hard, so I do what I can. We always have our eye out for our perfect little homestead, but for now I make the best with what we have.

I work hard to feed my family healthy whole foods, and use simple, easy to stock pantry items to help keep our grocery budget in check. Stretching one meal by transitioning it into more is something I excel at.

I've been cooking since I was a little girl and I love it. We eat as many organic foods as possible and I make just as much from scratch.

Avoiding processed foods is a main priority too, and I challenge myself to never used pre-made or processed food ingredients.

I can't eat gluten, which only sucks when i have to go places and eat food.

When it comes to gluten free cooking my theory is to create meals and snacks that wouldn't contain gluten in the first place, versus trying to recreate foods that do.

My favorite all time food is lasagna. I make a damn good one, even with gluten free noodles.

It's more about the layers than the pasta.

Kind of like life.

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GretaMichelle Joachim said...

Lasagne is my daughter's favorite food too. Right now I owe her one and she's not letting me forget it.

cmv... said...

I can't blame her! LOL You can't promise lasagna and not follow through. ;]

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