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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teacher Gifts - Plant Something

I think most schools have wrapped up, but just in case here is a cute teacher idea I put together.  The jelly bean wraps up her Kindergarten year today so we made up some planters for her teacher and the two kindergarten teaching assistants.

I'm not big on hot gluing 150 crayons or constructing something out of No. 2 pencils that has a limited use after giving so we decided to do something more eco-friendly and longer lasting.

We planted an herb pot for her teacher and these adorable petunia hybrid that will bloom all summer for the wonderful kindergarten assistants.

Being a graphic designer, I whipped up these cute flowers and leaves, printed them out on some cardstock, hand cut them out (not as bad as it seems) and glued them to some sticks we picked up outside.

The jelly bean hand wrote their names on one leaf and signed her name on the other for a more personalized touch.

They were fun and simple to make.

And because I'm super nice, I took a few minutes and made up a free printable so you can make them yourself (I even added a bonus fourth colored flower).

You can download it here:


Summer vacation is here.....

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