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Thursday, December 1, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Gluten Free Meal Keychain

With the holidays approaching, I thought I'd try to put together a few giveaways!

For several years I've had a store where I sell a variety of graphics for tees and other merchandise completely designed by ME.

Hands down, my most popular items are my Gluten Free & Allergy Meal Keychains.

And surprisingly, I sell the majority of them to overseas customers.

I came up with the idea after an experience with a restaurant that confused glucose and gluten. They assured me my meal was glucose free.

Not even funny.

Now I carry this with me when I travel or go to restaurants I'm not familiar with, just in case.

It's also handy for attending banquet type meals, like weddings or catered parties. I just send to the kitchen with my server to make sure there is no confusion. I've had one too many 'annoyed' servers that seemed less than helpful about making sure my meal was gluten free.

Also great to send with your kiddo when you can't be right there.

I offer several different colors, designs and wordings (which I'm always updating) such as this one for a Gluten Free Meal, whereas mine above indicates that I have Celiac Disease.

These have been so popular that I started receiving requests for customizable versions, so I came up with this one (also available in different colors) that can be customized when you order.

For years I had a store called punkpunkbaby, which I still have up, but this year I opened one with my studio name, CMV Studio, as I've been working moving my graphics to this store and working on new designed offerings for other merchandise (which I am slowly getting posted), I also plan on offering some merchandise with my artwork over time as well.

I keep my punkpunkbaby store up as I haven't yet moved over all my designs.

Here are links to my two stores:

Check out this keychain:

This is probably my favorite keychain style offered by zazzle.  It's their largest size at 2.125", and is metal with the artwork being sealed with some sort of acrylic or resin so it is completely waterproof.

Want it?

I've got one to giveaway to one lucky reader.

All you have to do are any or all of the following, then leave a comment saying you do or did so on this post, and each counts as an additional entry (each must be a new comment).

How to Enter:

  • Follow this blog, and indicate how you follow (reader, blogger, email, etc.)
  • Visit my CMVStudio store or my punkpunkbaby store then comment on this post about the item you like the best (so I can weed some out and offer new colors for 2012).
  • And for a fourth entry, if you have a blog, blog about this giveway, you have my permission to use the images above for your post, then comment again below that you did so and include the link to your post. And if you do this, I'll love you forever. :}

Contest closes at midnight on Wednesday, December 7th. Winner will be selected with one of those nifty random generator thingies and announced on Thursday, December 8th.

Odds of winning: considering about 10 people actually read this blog, I'd consider it to be like 1 in 10.  :] 


Dr. Jean Layton-GFDoctor said...

Brilliant! I hadn't heard about your keychains but they would make going out so much easier.
Off to check out all the options.

D. Norris said...

GIve away!
I like the keychains that say I have celiac disease. It raises awareness of the disease. My son was recently diagnosed and my daughter is in that gray area, positive blood test, normal biopsy. Their father still needs a biopsy. I think these will be great to have for my kids! (Ages 13 and 16)

cmv... said...

Hi Ladies, number generator chose #2, therefore, D. Norris, congratulations! If you would kindly email me as I cannot view your info (my email is above right on my blog page), I will gladly get your keychain in the mail this week. Thanks ladies for actually commenting on this giveaway!!

cmv... said...

Hi D. Norris

I'm going to try one more time, please contact me to claim your keychain, email above right on my blog page.

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