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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear Santa, I want a bouncy house and...

Just when I think the jelly bean can't get any cuter, she does.

This is the very first letter she has ever written to Santa.

It has melted my heart.

It has made me shed a tear.

My baby is growing up and thinking for herself, and knows more what she wants for herself now than I do.

A bouncy house? I had no idea.

She did it on her own, with no prodding from us, shouting from the other room for spelling assistance.

I'll be crushed when the magic of Santa has drifted away like pixie dust.

We are not huge into buyings tons of gifts at Christmas. Consumerism isn't our thing.  We are not excessive in purchasing, we're thoughtful, we keep it for the kids.

This is the first year the jelly bean has been able to really have discussions about what all these holidays are and have an understanding of them and why we do them, and why it's important to help others who don't have as much, and appreciate more what we have and be thankful to have what we do, and not be excessive in our wants.

I'm so amazed at how fast she is growing and trying so hard not to miss a single minute of it.

Especially now, in this season of giving, because she is such a sweet, giving child. Thoughtfully making us little 'gifts' and drawings and wrapping them securely, very securely in scotch tape.

I love her scotch tape presents way more than a purchased gift, and I will treasure them forever.


Jennifer said...

So sweet! Enjoy this age. (I know you do!) xoxo

Debbi said...

Tuck it away...and don't lose it! My now 35 year old son loves to look at his "childhood" file. I didn't think to keep stuff like this - I kept school awards and academic stuff...he could care less about that - he loves to see the cards he made me...but of all the letters to Santa (and the tooth fairy), none were preserved. I regret that.
Just precious!

cmv... said...

jen, no matter how hard i try I still see it slipping by. :)

cmv... said...

debbi… i have no mementos from my childhood so i'm trying to save stuff like this and put it in a binder for her. there's so much it's hard to pick and choose so i try to photograph what i don't keep. this one is a keeper though! thanks for sharing!

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