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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Container Gardening Update 08.31.11

Kindergarten day three today, and thankfully, everything is going great.  The Jelly Bean is having a few issues like not using the bathroom all day (I couldn't do that) and not eating or drinking much.

Hopefully, after the newness wears off, she'll relax some and these minor issues will quickly fade.

I haven't had much time to spend on my containers lately due to my crazy workload. Lucky for me they don't need much maintenance right now.

Although, I've got bolting lettuce that needs picked:

There's some mesclun seedlings popping up just on the other side, although some seemed to be trampled down this morning.

A little further investigation and I found my spinach seedlings also trampled:

This makes me mad as it was the last of my spinach seeds. Grrr.

I've planted them in my potato bags. One side was pulled down, my guess is that a skunk has discovered something in there. If you look close, you can see where it was digging.

Maybe I need to tear it apart as I am also still having honeybee activity on this bag:

I've checked and rechecked to be sure they aren't building a nest, and there is nothing, they are definitely drinking and leaving.


The three long planters that used to hold snow peas and cucumbers have been replanted with green beans, as well as one of my potato bags.

There are a few holes where the seeds did not sprout so I will pop some new one's in today.

I might have to start covering everything at night to protect the seedlings from our woodland critters. A few of my green beans are missing their tops too.

I'll consider it. It's one more thing to do right now. Speaking of things to do, I need to get some work done while the Jelly Bean is at school (wow, I like saying that more than I thought).

I'll leave you with this really great video about a NYC woman, who grows a garden and preserves what she grows, it's quickly making it's way around the blogosphere, and deservedly so:


Kalpesh said...

Great Stuff. Impressive Garden. Your Container Gardening look so happy! What a wonderful gardener you are! Thanks

Container Gardening

cmv... said...

Thank you Kalpesh. I do the best I can living in the woods. Containers are new for me (other than herbs). I miss having a huge garden. But this is going well. :] thank you for reading.

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