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Monday, June 13, 2011

This doesn't look good.

THESE… look good.

THIS… does not!

Blossom end rot.

I expected it. The weather has been erratic. Endless weeks of rain, then from chilly temperatures right up to 90 degree heat and dry. Then rain, dry, rain. Ugh.

Last year it plagued my tomatoes early in the season then again later in the season. But I still had an amazing yield of incredibly HUGE Roma tomatoes.

That is until someone stole them all.

I can grow great tomatoes. But it never fails, something (or someone) seems to take them from me.

This year I was ready. I've added egg shells that I've run through the food processor as a long term fix. Stayed consistent with my watering. Then, just to be on the safe side I purchased some blossom end rot spray to have on hand, and I'm glad I did.

Last year it was sold out in this area as BER plagued gardeners.  I suspect it will again this year.

But that's not the BIG problem… this is…

Do you see how distorted the leaves are?

BOTH of my Roma plants have it. The leaves are all twisted and misshapen, there are a few mottled with yellow, some have darker greenish/blackish areas, but mostly just bright green and misshapen.

I have a deep suspicion that is either Tobacco Mosaic Virus or Cucumber Mosaic Virus, most likely the latter.

My two San Marzano's seem ok.

I want to cry.

I have moved them far away from the others hoping that insects don't jump from them to my other plants and infect my San Marzano's while I figure it out.

They definitely have blossom end rot too. Other than the leaves looking so distorted and tomatoes actually look great and the plant has been growing well, except for the BER.

Anyone out there think I'm right… CMV?  Anyone else locally buy Roma's at Stauffer's and having the same problem (this is me hoping it's something else that I can salvage)?

Then there's my picklebush cucumbers…

Looking good right?  I'm hesitant to think that, some concerns…

Quite possibly Cucumber Mosaic Virus, which would possibly confirm my Roma problem.

I've seen quite a few aphids already which also gives me much concern that I am right.

So frustrating.

I had hoped growing here at home to have less woes since I wouldn't have the insect infestations like I did at the community garden. Which, is true, no bad insects… yay!

But it seems as though I have other woes to contend with.


At least my potatoes look excellent.


Jennifer said...

Oh, that is frustrating. For all the joys of gardening, there's loads of heartbreak, too!

cmv... said...

You've got that right. :[

Amy Kenyon said...

It hasnt been a good growing season here either. My strawberry plants looked great at the beginning of the Spring. Now they are very mottled and skimpy. I feel your frustration. BUT your potato plants look great! : )

cmv... said...

Well it's good to know it's not just here. I don't think I'd be as frustrated if I had a garden full of plants and lost a few. But container gardening and having a small number of plants to start with and losing half of them (or probably all in the case of my cukes) is downright depressing. My strawberries did nothing either. But something keeps eating the berries.

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