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Friday, May 27, 2011

Store-bought to Homemade: Cookies

Someday I would love to be known for my art, but at this point in my life, my chocolate chip cookies seem to be my claim to fame.

Seriously, I am not allowed to attend a picnic or gathering without bringing them. I've tried to bring something else, let's just say, it doesn't go over well.

Funny thing is, I can't eat them, damn celiac. I haven't had one in 8 years. I don't even remember what they taste like. They smell good though.

My HE does not snack during the day, before bed he usually eats 1-2 chocolate chip cookies, occasionally he'll go for three, but not often.

That's all. Amazing isn't it? Now I'm not saying he eats the healthiest during the day, but he's not really a snacker.

So for years I bought cookies, usually Chips Ahoy, for him.

But when I started to transition us to a healthier,
real food diet, the cookies had to go.

The packaged one's anyway.

Cookies I make myself, and control the ingredients could stay. But...let's be honest, who has time to make homemade cookies every week?

Not me.

Ok, that's a lie. Every week I make a dozen fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, just so he isn't eating crappy packaged cookies filled with bad ingredients.

No kidding.

I'm such a good wife.

I did say fresh 'baked' right? Meaning I bake them every week, but that doesn't mean I mix them up from scratch every week!

Every 4-6 weeks, I mix up my Super Secret Chocolate Chip Cookies, I spent years perfecting the recipe, it makes about 7 dozen. (sorry this recipe is super secret, if I gave it out here I'm pretty sure I'd get death threats from family and friends, I guard this recipe well)

I use my super awesome, perfectly-sized cookie scoop and scoop little balls into a BPA free plastic container, leaving a slight space between each little ball of dough and separating each layer with parchment.

Then I seal it up and stick it in the freezer.

Any time we need cookies, I simply take them out and place them on my stoneware cookie sheet on top of the warming oven. About 15-20 minutes later they are defrosted and I pop them in the oven.

Usually, I get them out to bake while I'm making or cleaning up dinner.

Fresh baked cookies anytime. Homemade with local eggs,
organic ingredients and lots and lots of love.

Mixing and scooping takes me less than 30 minutes total, and that's including clean up. I get down to business and get it done! That's only 30 minutes every 4-6 weeks.

Not to mention the money saved. Even with organic ingredients and local bought eggs, it costs much less than buying about 5 packages of Chips Ahoy cookies each month at about $3-4 a package.

If your recipe only makes a few dozen, double it so you can freeze a good amount.

Since we eat healthy meals and HE doesn't snack, I have no problem with his daily cookie treats, as long as they are made by me. :]


Cindy Michaud said...

you put the rest of us to shame....

cmv... said...

LOL oh no Cindy that's not what I'm trying to do… just showing some baby step ideas to get away from processed foods. :]

but you put me to shame being up and online at 7:32 am! I hardly move before 8! ;]

GretaMichelle Joachim said...

So what are the chances of getting that recipe on the dl? I won't tell and I will give credit.

cmv... said...

hahahaha Greta… seriously, NO one has this recipe! I have friends that would sell their children for it and I won't give it up!! One was actually browsing my recipe journal when I realized what she was looking for and I snatched it away! LOL Maybe I should do a post on tips for making great cookies. :]

GretaMichelle Joachim said...


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