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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

bad, bad squirrel...

snow peas grown in a container

While the weather still is not consistent enough to leave my warmth craving plants out, cool weather crops are growing nicely in containers.

mesclun bowl
Can you guess what area of the mesclun bowl my Jelly Bean seeded? It won't be long now and we'll be eating fresh picked salad.

picklebush cucumber starts
My cucumbers are looking fabulous. And that one empty cell magically sprouted two weeks behind the others.

baby romaine
I'm a little unsure about the baby romaine. Never grown it before and it's looking so wiry. We'll see what happens. I will thin them out when I see more clearly what are going to be the stronger plants.

potato bags
I'm late in planting these, and my seedling potatoes were looking a little sad, but they should be ok.  These potato bags are pretty cool. I've never grown potatoes in a bag but have been very successful with them in my rented garden plot the past two years.

Simply fill with about 6-8 inches of soil, plant your sprouted potatoes about 3" deep, water then keep adding more soil as the plants grow, just like you would in the garden.

They have nifty little side openings where you can reach in and pick new potatoes once the plants start flowering. Coolness.

Jelly Bean also planted her seeds that the Easter Bunny brought her...

She's so excited she wants to water them every five minutes.

But in all this exciting growth, there is this...

yesterdays flourishing container beets...
today's destruction by bad, bad squirrel
Left to take the jelly bean to preschool, beets looked wonderful, arrived home to find very bad, bad squirrel had dug them up. All I can say is bad, bad squirrel better not come knocking on the window for dried corn.

I managed to salvage most of them, but I fear the trauma may be too much for the delicate seedlings. Only time will tell. I watered them and covered with some mesh to protect them.

I love all animals... but damn squirrels.


TaraLarsenChang said...

I grew potatoes in bags last year (had the 'colored/flowering' kinds - pink, red, white, yellow and purple!). Works great. You'll be pleased.

cmv... said...

oh yay, i am thinking i'll probably get a better yield because it will be easier to keep filling dirt around them as they grow. when i grow them in the garden i get to a point where i just get lazy with it. LOL

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