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Saturday, April 9, 2011

allow me, to introduce myself...

the facts... because who has time for a novel:

  • my name is christine. 
me (looking super tired) & the jelly bean (looking cute as ever)
  • i live in york county, pennsylvania. (i was not born and raised there)
  • my husband prefers to remain anonymous.  let's call him HE (husband extraordinare).
  • our daughter is too smart for her pants size, aka JELLY BEAN.
  • we strive to eat real food. organic and GMO free whenever possible
  • gluten free for me (i have celiac).
  • soy and food coloring free for the jelly bean.
  • well, except for HE. HE will eat anything. soda, fast food, and Little Debbie Devil Squares are not exempt from his list. ugh.
  • we are not perfect. we try to do our best with the above.
  • i like to cook, garden and do things (i know, very open-ended)
  • i am an artist, graphic designer, and fitness instructor.
skull: horse | 19x25 inch | charcoal on mounted paper

  • we live in the woods, which sucks for gardening, but i do my best.

  • i love wildlife. except for spiders. our yard is full of both.
this is a Black Swallowtail butterfly we hatched last year.

life is full of lots and lots of layers upon layers, so i will post about a lot of things:
  • cooking
  • eating
  • gardening
  • canning & preserving
  • fitness
  • random things
  • local stuff
  • art

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